How to Pack a Tie? Stop Doing It the Wrong Way!

Ties are part and parcel of a man’s life, and your ties outlook also determines your outlook in your workplace and your daily life. So, knowing how to take care of your ties while traveling or moving is very important.

And if you want to be at your best look during your office hours and travels, you need to know how to pack a tie. In this article, we will break down everything you need to know regarding that matter.

Packing a Tie: A Step-By-Step Guide

Now packing a tie isn’t as simple as it sounds, but at the same, it isn’t that complicated once you get the hang of it. Now, in general, there are three common ways you can pack a tie, and they are:

1. Packing a Tie with a Tie Case
2. Packing a Tie into Your Suitcase
3. Packing a Tie with Your Suit Bag

They’re also a few other packing styles, but they risk the chance of creasing, and that’s why they aren’t optimal options for packing a tie for moving or travels.

Packing a Tie with a Tie Case

If you are looking for the best way to pack your ties, then there is no better option than packing your ties with the help of a tie case.

Not only can it store multiple ties at once, but it also takes a very small space in your luggage. You can also carry it in your pockets.

For a suitable tie case, you might be looking for something like the LeanTravel Tie Case.

Now here are the steps that you need to follow to pack a tie with a tie case:

Step-1: Making Sure Your Ties Are Clean

The first step for any packaging is to ensure that the product is cleaned and in optimal condition. And same goes for your ties. So, at first, see if there is any dirt or crease in your tie. If there is, then clean it properly and move on to the next step.

Step-2: Folding the Tie

Now, this is the most crucial part if you want to pack men’s neckties, as the fold of the tie will determine whether or not it will get creasing.

But a simple solution to that problem would be the use of tie clips. Tie clips will allow you to fold from the middle without any issues, and it is also easy to carry in your tie case!

For the fold, ensure that you’ve put the short end of the tie through the label; otherwise, there will be issues like creasing.

Step-3: Putting the Tie into the Tie Case

Grab your tie from the middle of the fold, and then gently put the tie into the tie case. You have to make sure that the larger or the front side of the tie is facing forward when you open the case.

Packing a Tie into Your Suitcase

Now, if you are traveling or moving and want to know how to pack a tie for moving or traveling but don’t have access to a tie case, then follow the following steps:

Step-1: Folding the Tie

Again, a tie clip will do wonders in this scenario but first, fold the short end of your tie through the label or close to the label. Now, gently start to roll down the tie from the short end until it rolls up to your hand.

Or you can just fold it normally without rolling it. But we suggest roiling the tie as it will cease the chance of creasing. Once done, you can move forward to the next step.

Step-2: Placing the Folded Tie into Your Suitcase Or Luggage

Now there are multiple ways you can place your tie in the suitcase. If you folded your tie straight, then the proper course of action would be to place them in between shirts.

But if you rolled your ties, then you can place the tie roll at any corner of the suitcase or luggage. You can also put in the tie rolls inside the hole of your shoes if you are packing shoes too. But the best way should be to put the tie rolls into a zipper bag.

If you plan to roll your ties and put them in the luggage. That would be a bad idea! When you unroll the tie and wear it. You will see some carved lines on your tie. Here is a video guideline to pack your tie properly.

Packing a Tie within Your Suit Bag

If you are taking your suit bag with you, then these steps might come in handy.

Step-1: Ensure Your Hanger is in Good Condition

The basis of this method will revolve around the hanger to ensure that it is clean and in optimal condition for use.

Step-2: Placing the Tie

First, take your suit and place it correctly on the hanger. Then take your tie and attach it by putting it under the collar of your suit or blazer. You can also knot your tie to get more precision.

And these are the steps that you need to follow to pack a tie for any occasion.

How to Pack Ties for Moving

If you plan on moving, then packing your tie should follow the tie case option as, during moving, suitcases and bags aren’t treated with much care.

But placing your ties within a tie case will definitely solve that issue. Because once a tie is packed in a tie case, there is no chance of wrinkles no matter how harshly the case is treated.

How to Pack Ties for Travel

For packing your ties for travel, you can go with either the tie case option or the suitcase option.

You can follow the previously mentioned steps to ensure that they are appropriately packed. Again, going with the tie case packing method is the best choice. But if you place your ties correctly in the suitcase, then that’s also a good option.

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Learning how to pack a tie for your travels and other occasions is quite useful. Hopefully, now you know how to pack a tie properly and if so, then it’s time to try these steps out in real life! Best of luck!

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