How to Apply Cologne the Right Way?

How to Apply Cologne

Whether you get ready for your regular day out or any occasion, fragrances are an essential part of your outlook and overall vibe while going out. You can’t overlook it, and you need to apply it just before walking out of the door.

If you properly apply cologne, it enhances your attractiveness and represents your personality. Otherwise, the fragrance might get too strong or tacky to ruin your whole day.

So, how to apply cologne the right way? This article will provide you with a complete guideline for applying cologne along with the necessary tips and tricks to make the fragrance last longer.

Proper Way to Apply Cologne

Basically, any cologne consists of different types of natural and artificial oils, water-based liquids, and alcohols. There are some basic guidelines on how to properly apply cologne. This enables the fragrance to stay longer without making it extra strong. The better you are at applying cologne, the better scent you will get from it.

Applying on Clean and Dry Skin

Applying on Clean and Dry Skin

You should apply cologne after showering as the pores of your skin remain open at that time. Wait for your skin to dry, and then apply directly. Clean and dry skin can absorb fragrances well, whether spray cologne or roll-ons. If your skin is extra dry, you can moisturize it before applying any fragrance.

Holding the Cologne Bottle

In the case of spray bottles, hold them at least 3 inches away from your skin while spraying. Otherwise, the scent might be too strong that it can feel tacky. Roll-on fragrances are mostly wax-based and are liquid or creamy in nature.

If you are using those, roll it gently a few times on some exact spots over your skin. Do not rub harshly.

Drying and Re-applying

After applying, let the cologne dry naturally, as it will take a few moments only. For the solid cologne or roll-ons, give a few extra minutes to dry as they can ruin your clothes by creating spots if not dried properly.

If you are not so good at applying fragrances, start with a light application. Then, you can re-apply if the scent seems to fade away quickly.

How to Apply Cologne without Spray

Apply Cologne without Spray

Often you will see different types of cologne spray bottles that don’t contain any nozzle. You might think it is difficult to apply any cologne without spray. Dabbing is the key here as mentioned below –

Step 1 – Holding the Bottle

Take the bottle of cologne, and open the cap. Hold the bottle in one hand, and cover the open end of the bottle with the other.

Now, hold it upside down while covering the bottle’s mouth with your finger. Put the bottle down if you feel that your finger is wet by the cologne.

Step 2 – Dabbing

When you are covering the bottle with your hand, dab it gently. Do not dab twice if not necessary because one dab works like several sprays of cologne which you can use on your whole body.

Step 3 – Applying

You can use your finger on the spots you want to apply the cologne. Otherwise, you can also dab the bottle on that area for a long-lasting fragrance. You can use this method both for water-based and oil-based cologne.

How to Apply Perfume without an Atomizer Bottle?

Unique-smelling perfumes for men might require trying different techniques. Sometimes you will find some liquid cologne without an atomizer bottle. You can’t spray the fragrance like the regular ones in such a case. So, the application is a bit different.

An atomizer is connected with a tube and a nozzle. The tube remains inside the bottle by which the liquid cologne can flow to the nozzle. When you press the nozzle, it creates pressure on the tube, and the perfume travels to the front end of the atomizer.

The main task of an atomizer is to produce a mixture of the liquid cologne and the outer oxygen, creating the ultimate fragrance. If a cologne bottle doesn’t have an atomizer, you need to put the liquid perfume on your hand to apply to your body.

You can take the necessary amount on your finger according to your preference. But often, it seems more convenient to dab the bottle on the spots where you want to apply the perfume.

As atomizer bottles spray a small amount of perfume, you need to be careful while dabbing so excessive liquid perfume doesn’t drip down.

How to Apply Cologne So It Lasts?

Though each type of cologne has a unique scent with different lasting times, you can make your fragrance last long by applying the right techniques.

Finding the Perfect Spots

Warm spots of your skin absorb fragrances well compared to other body parts. If you think where to spray cologne, your pulse points, neck, chest, and elbows might be the best options because these are warmer spots that smell good for a long time if a couple of sprays are applied.

Choosing the Best Perfume

There are some colognes that prevent the bad odor of sweat from your body. These are strong perfumes that last longer than most other fragrances out there. The Hugo Boss, Old Spice Scent are such perfumes that they will provide you with a long-lasting effect.

Maintaining the Necessary Distance

If you are using spray perfumes, maintain an optimum distance from your skin while you spray. Do not keep the spray bottle more than 6 inches away from your skin. Because it might decrease the concentration of the perfume, and as a result, the scent will fade away soon.

Avoid Walking through the Fragrance

Most people make the mistake of spraying cologne in the air and walking through the fragrance. This is just a wastage of your fragrance as the scent mostly remains in the air. You will notice the scent fade away in just a few moments. So, apply the cologne directly to your skin rather than the air.

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Should You Rub in Cologne?

Once you have applied the cologne to your body, you should not rub it too much because it makes the perfume fade away more quickly.

Cologne is a type of liquid perfume which diffuses on your skin when sprayed. With an atomizer bottle, a small amount of perfume spreads over a large area, and your skin absorbs the small particles of the fragrance easily. So, just applying the perfume can make it sit properly on your skin, and there is no need to rub it.

If you rub on your skin by hand after applying a cologne, the scent mostly remains on your hand and fades away quickly from your skin. Generally, any scent remains fresher and stronger in the first five minutes after applying. So, if you rub on it, the strength of the perfume gets lost instantly.

Besides, rubbing can mix the smell of the perfume with your skin’s natural oils. In this case, the smell can change into something different from your desired one. So, it would be best if you didn’t rub in cologne after applying.

Is It Better to Spray Cologne on Clothes or Skin?

You can apply cologne both on clothes and your skin. But the fragrance lasts longer if applied to the skin. You will find some mild perfumes like the aquatic cologne, which are better to use on your skin.

Generally, the oils and alcohols of cologne are designed so that your skin can easily absorb them with natural oils. The particles of any perfume sit well on the skin if applied directly rather than spraying on clothes.

Just spraying a few times on some exact spots like the pulse points, elbow, chest, and neck can ensure the complete effect of your cologne.

If you apply perfume to your clothes, most of the perfume particles are absorbed by the cloth and barely reach your skin. As a result, the fragrance can’t sit on the skin and mix with the natural oils of your body. If that happens, you will find the scent fading away quickly, making the bad odor of your body noticeable.

Besides, applying cologne on clothes might create a visible spot on your clothes because of the oils and alcohol. Sometimes, the spots might disappear after drying. But in most cases, these spots remain visible until you wash that cloth.

Should You Wear Cologne Every Day?

Wearing cologne every day is a personal choice for anyone who loves to apply different scents and fragrances. In case you are not a cologne person, you might use them occasionally.

If you are habituated to using cologne every day and know how to wear it properly, it is okay to use them regularly.

Choose some mild, sweet, and aromatic cologne for regular use. You can go for the perfumes of fresh fruits, baked cookies, vanilla essence, or some sweet flowers. These will keep you fresh all day long, increasing positive energies inside you. You won’t experience any strong and tacky smell using these types of fragrances.

For regular use, apply cologne on certain areas of your body where the scent can be absorbed well and last long. Avoid spraying too many times as it can increase the strength of the perfume, making the scent really awful.

But if you use fragrances occasionally, you can choose strongly scented cologne like the base notes and top notes, which will make you feel confident and attractive.

How Much Cologne to Use

You can always use a cologne as per your preference and fragrance type. But there is always an ideal amount that works perfectly for all kinds of cologne.

If you love putting on perfume, whether regularly or on special occasions, a couple of sprays are enough to enrich your overall vibe and make you smell good.

Often, people spray cologne continuously here and there on their bodies which makes the smell awfully strong, and as a result, others might get offended. This is the wrong technique to apply perfumes.

The ideal amount of applying cologne is between 2 to 4 sprays. Apply directly on your skin, including your neck and pulse points. Remember to maintain an optimum distance from your skin while you spray. Do not rub on the skin and let it dry for a few seconds.

Final Words

When it comes to applying perfumes, we have unique methods and techniques. But if you know find out how to put on perfume the right way, things get a lot easier.

It enables you to feel more confident by representing your own style and personality. I hope this article helped you know about the most common and effective methods of applying cologne properly.

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