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Menswear collections are personal.
Let us help you build one.

If you regularly wear ties (and hopefully you regularly wear socks!) - Root Bizzle curates an ongoing, personalized collection that learns and evolves with your style preferences over time.

Nobody walks into a menswear store and buys all their ties or socks at once. You collect them over time - fashions change, your outfits change, and your preferences change.

We make it easy to build a curated, personalized tie and sock collection that grows over time, learns from your style preferences, and delights you every month. That delight and pride in your style will carry through to all your social or business interactions while wearing each of our products.

Our team is comprised of technology and fashion veterans who appreciate the practical and affordable, but also the slight nuances around having a high quality and diverse menswear collection. We look forward to building a better future together with you...starting with your menswear.

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