20 Best Subscription Boxes for Men – Monthly Cool Stuff Ideas for Guys in 2021

Subscription boxes are in trend now which is why the number of manly subscription boxes is extreme. But, we believe that flashy marketing schemes are only bluffs until we witness honest reviews from our beloved readers.

Hence, we have curated a fine list of the best subscription boxes for men (from shaving kits to mini beer bottles), which are widely embraced by all classes of people worldwide.

It feels bizarre that 2021 is going to be a new decade.

And we suppose you have already started working on your personality development.

Undoubtedly, these subscription boxes will save up your time from outdoor shopping and uplift your confidence to make positive amends.

20 Best Subscription Boxes for Men

If you are not an outgoing person or you mostly feel clueless about what essentials you should buy for yourself, then we hope that this in-depth review will help you come around! We request you to stick with us till the end so that we can give you a short trip on different monthly packages for guys.

1. BattlBox – Survival and Outdoor Gear Subscription Box: Pro Plus

Survival and Outdoor Gear Subscription Box

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BattlBox is one of the most popular monthly subscription boxes for men, which offers four different subscription plans from Advanced to Pro Plus. You can choose your desired package from these options.

What You Get

Now speaking of the package, this subscription box is assorted with survival elements and outdoor gears. Hence, if you are a trekking enthusiast or intending to make travel vlogs, then this one is the ideal package for you.

In this box, you will get a package that is monthly themed and solely focuses on preparedness and survival essentials.

Also, it is comprised of camping, hiking, and outdoor living gear and tools, which are utterly portable and come in handy in any situation.

On top of that, these gears fit easily into your hand so that you don’t need to stress over carrying a lot of weight and storage facility. So, let’s see what this subscription box includes.

You will get all the items included in the Basic, Advanced, Pro subscription plan. And in addition to all of the items, you will get 5 to 9 products, including CRKT crossbones and CRKT VIVA combo.

These are typically the folding blades that have a pry bar, bottle opener, built-in wrench, etc. And all of the products are top-notch.

2. BREO BOX Lifestyle Subscription Box

Lifestyle Subscription Box

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Probably, BREO BOX is the only award-winning brand that carefully distributes men’s monthly subscription boxes depending on seasonal changes.

These boxes are religiously crafted following the trends. Hence, you always stay up-to-date. Also, while everyone is jumping on the subscription box bandwagon, it’s necessary to bring something unique.

Thus, BREO BOX came up with this exclusive package where you will get premium products, including fitness gears, tech, home, gadgets, etc.

What You Get

When you sign up for this subscription box, you enroll yourself in an enticing journey of enhancement.

Each month you get a unique package embellished with 5 to 9 products, which are all newly released from different platforms.

And you can get tech, home goods, fitness gears, gadgets, and a lot more if you continue to the seasonal subscription. Also, these seasonal boxes are curated according to your various needs.

For instance, in spring, you will get stuff that keeps you cozy and fresh; in summer, you have the perfect essentials to keep your skin tan-free and fit, and in fall, you will get all the suitable products to help you adjust to the weather transition. This is the best men’s lifestyle subscription boxes you will ever stumble upon.

3. GQ Best Stuff Subscription Box

GQ Best Stuff Subscription

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Here we have GQ’s winter cheap subscription box for men. This is precisely the most budget-friendly yet premium-quality package for winter.

If you sign up now, your package will get better every month. Meaning, every month, a new product will be added, which may also include electronics and grooming products.

Make sure to grab yours before it gets stock-out. Gladly, GQ hopes to donate $100000 to the Kevin Love Fund who works as mental health administer in order to normalize open conversation for mental severity.

What You Get

You get a home blanket that is sold at 87$ if separately purchased.

Besides, you will have rains drop kit, beauty serums, coconut oil and shea butter soap, self-development cards, and grooming essentials that include scented oils and mini deodorants to keep you warm and fresh over the month.

All the products boast an accurate quantity that lasts till the month ends. If you continue the subscription for a year, your package will be fostered with expensive watches, canvas shoes, shorts, etc.

4. Sock Fancy – Surprise Pair of Socks Subscription: Crew Socks

Sock Fancy - Surprise Pair of Socks Subscription

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This is one of the minimalist monthly delivery boxes for men that offers 5 pairs of crew socks with a colorful and fancy pattern. Anyone who longs floral prints or animated socks would be addicted to this socks subscription.

Fun fact, each month, you will get one surprise pair of socks. This box is mainly for those who don’t want to go through regular washing hassles. Because 5 pairs are enough to cover up the entire month as these are suitable for indoor use with your flip-flops and pajamas.

What You Get

Sock Fancy offers two generic types, including crew socks and no-show socks. You can choose the no show socks if you don’t want your sock to be seen while wearing shoes.

Here, you get in-house design socks that are tailored with combed cotton. No wonder this high-quality material ensures alleviating your feet instantly and lasts longer.

Also, if you continue the subscription each month, the box will be renewed with new prints.

5. Funko Men’s Standard Subscription Box

Funko Men's Standard Subscription Box

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If you are a Marvel fan and you want to impress your friends with your Marvel-themed souvenirs, then this subscription box will do the job.

In every bi-monthly box, you will get different Marvel character featured items, and all of the apparel that you get is machine washable.

Hence, in every Marvel celebration event and Comic-Cons, you can take advantage of these boxes as well as flaunt your collection to your friends.

What You Get

In this box, you get collectibles, apparel, and accessories. Every month the box will be themed differently according to the major Marvel event, stories, characters, etc. All of them are made of 100% cotton and originally crafted in the USA.

Funko is precisely the only brand that dedicatedly distributes fan-based items around the world.

6. ParaBox Monthly – Paranormal Mystery T-Shirt Subscription Box:(XL)

ParaBox Monthly - Paranormal Mystery T-Shirt Subscription Box

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We genuinely have a friend who is immersed in witchcraft and always fishes for goofy items. This year we decided to gift him the ParaBox monthly subscription mystery box for guys. This box includes graphic t-shirts with high-quality cotton material and super comfortable contents for everyday wear.

What You Get

In this box, you will get the paranormal-themed t-shirts that are also available in different sizes.

From small to XL, you can choose your desired ones before confirming the subscription. And about the prints, you may get Area 51, Shanghai Tunnel, Oak Island, Jersey Devil, Cryptical Legends, Aliens, UFOs, and plenty of other graphical designs. In fact, every month, you may get a different color.

Now, that’s not it; each t-shirt has a secret passcode infused into the design. If you manage to decode the password and submit it on the ParaBox website, you will be signed up for the next puzzles. So, it’s not only apparel but a fun ride to haunted and paranormal places.

7. BBQ Box – Hand Selected Barbecue Subscription Box

BBQ Box - Hand Selected Barbecue Subscription Box

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Are you a BBQ lover? If yes, then this is the right product for you. Even if you aren’t a foodie and don’t want to invest in food items yet, this package will allure you. In this price range, having the perfect BBQ box is like a dream come true.

What You Get

In this hand-selected subscription box, you will get one marinade sauce, One Rub or spice, a delicious snack such as salami, wood chunks for flaming, and a personalized recipe guide.

All of the items have a balanced amount that easily lasts till the end of the month.

Also, each month you will discover a new recipe that you can make with this subscription box. It is ideal for all the adults who are living alone and always have trouble eating outside.

8. Match Made Coffee – Craft Coffee & Gourmet Cookie Subscription Box

Match Made Coffee - Craft Coffee & Gourmet Cookie Subscription Box

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If you are a hopeless coffee drinker like us, then this subscription box is definitely for you. It comes with a monthly subscription plan, and each month it refines the package with something new. you can either take it for your midnight coffee cravings or send it as a gift to your special one.

What You Get

In this box, you will get 4 oz fresh, organic, and finely roasted coffee beans and 2 gourmet cookies.

Hence, you can satisfy your sweet tooth.

Moreover, the small-batch coffees are enriched with a blend of different roast levels, bodies, aromas, and flavor contents.

These coffees are entirely handcrafted so that you can enjoy the organic fragrance of roasted coffee and suffice your yearnings. To get the best flavor, dip the award-winning gourmet cookies into a mug full of coffee.

9. Winston Box – Big & Tall Men’s Clothing Subscription Box

Winston Box - Big & Tall Men's Clothing Subscription Box

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If you are a big guy and looking for a subscription box, then Winston Box for you.

What You Get

This is one of the cheapest clothing boxes for men. In this box, you will get three different items to wear. The top sizes are 1XL – 6XLT. So make sure your suitable size.

Hence, it can withstand multiple washes and retains the newness. Thus, be a little careful when you are washing them; otherwise, you are good to go.

10. Basic Man – Men’s Basics Subscription

Basic Man - Men's Basics Subscription

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These monthly delivery subscription boxes are pretty straightforward. Basic Man provides various monthly plans that trade trendy basic wear for your everyday life.

As a matter of fact, you need to go out for the basic shopping every month because you kinda overuse them. But when you have signed up for this package, you don’t need to step out of your house now and then.

They will gracefully deliver your desired products on the doorstep.

What You Get

In this box, you will get plush cotton shirts that resist heat and keeps you cool and fresh all day.

Also, for a long-lasting stretch, these shirts are made with REPERVE recycle poly blend.

The moment you put on these shirts, it immediately embraces your body and evokes a breezing vibe. In addition to these, you will get the comfiest socks in the world to keep your feet soft and moisturized. If you think you no longer need this service, you can cancel it anytime.

11. Un’kuppd Pour-over Coffee – Barista Approved Pour

Un’kuppd Pour-over Coffee - Coffee Subscription Box

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Here, we have another beverage subscription box from Un’kuppd. These boxes are comprised of 15 single-serve coffee. And gladly, every packet is filled with the appropriate amount of coffee beans for a single cup. Hence, you don’t have to do any guesswork while making your coffee.

What You Get

If you want the rich and authentic flavor of imported coffee, then this barista approved pour coffee package is precisely an ideal choice.

In this package, you will get 15 single serve coffee filled in an origami packet.

Every packet is saturated with the perfect blend of specialty coffee roasters from the US and Europe. Thus, you obtain the organic taste of espresso or your regular morning coffee.

Just hang these origami coffee pouches on your mug, pour hot water and stir it well until it blends consistently.

And you are done!

You can choose the subscription plan between 15 pack boxes to 5 pack boxes each month, depending on your possible intake.

12. World’s Finest Collection Box –The Officially Licensed DC Comics Mystery Gift Subscription Box

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How can we fail to bring something for the DC comic fans?

Well, this is the best fun subscription boxes for guys where you will get all your favorite DC icons, various merchandise, and collectibles.

Whether you want to enhance your collection or sign up for the upcoming Comic-Con competition, this package has your back. Moreover, the price range is pretty affordable compared to other DC comic gift boxes.

Also, buying them separately costs more than buying them altogether from a subscription plan.

What You Get

Who is your favorite DC comic icon? Well, we obsess over the Flash and the Wonder Woman. However, you can get Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, and other character themed collectibles as well. This package is adorned with toys, accessories, statues, apparel, etc.

When you agree to the subscription plan, they send you these packages 4 times a year. Meaning, in a whole year, you will receive the package 4 times in total. And each time, you will get different character-themed supplies for a minimum of 7 to a maximum of 10 different first edition items.

13. Romance Reveal Book Box- The #1 Subscription Box for Romance Readers

Romance Reveal Book Box - Subscription Box

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Possibly, this is the most immaculate gift you can ever receive as a bookworm or a newly married person.

While signing up for this package, make sure you know that the books are of only one genre.

Meaning, if you aren’t into romantic fiction or novels, then you shouldn’t probably have this.

However, if you are a hopeless romantic and want to plunge into the tide of love, then these signed books are going to suffice you.

Also, the specialty of this subscription box is that the books are signed by the author so that you don’t have to travel overseas for book signings.

What You Get

Apart from two signed books, you also get bookish swag, tea samples, candies, samples of caramel, lime, orange, and lemons, etc. If you are a picky reader and you expect eloquent write-ups, then rejoice!

All books are thoroughly assessed by an expert review team so that they can match the standard.

Besides, the packaging is very attractive and gives off a cozy romantic vibe. Thus, we recommend this subscription box as we believe that every story leaves a trace in your heart and makes you feel sufficient.

14. Sprezzabox – Men’s Fashion Subscription

Sprezzabox - Men's Fashion Subscription

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Are you looking for the best watch subscription box for men?

Well, then you have come to the right place. Sprezzabox presents men’s gift boxes, which are finely adorned with premium goods. All of the products inside speak for quality and elegance.

What You Get

In this subscription box, you will get 5 to 6 different handpicked products.

And it’s not just randomly picked but delicately selected by the professional stylist.

From luxury watches to royal festive ties, you get everything that is necessary for your special occasion. Apart from watches and ties, you also get antique brass arrow lapel pins, tweezers, sunglasses, beanies, pocket squares, face masks, etc.

You can choose your plan from classic monthly to quarterly – everything on a budget!

15. Gainz Box – Premium Fitness Apparel, Gear, and Consumables Subscription Box – Monthly

Gainz Box - Premium Fitness Apparel, Gear, and Consumables Subscription Box

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Gainz Box provides the best clothing subscription box for men. Be it apparel or snacks, Gainz Box has everything covered. These boxes are carefully curated with an array of products. And all of them are fitness-themed and personalized by customer’s size and gender.

What You Get

In this fitness box, you get products like shorts, an energy drink, a squat manual, Live Fit t-shirts, FITAID crossbody fanny pack, Nashville hot wild chips, beef bars, portable Bluetooth speaker, polarized sunglasses, supplements, etc.

Interestingly, these supplies are theme-based, such as squat edition, summer solstice edition, pounds and puppies box, rest+ recover box, etc.

Also, you will receive premium rewards plus an additional 30$ item in every 3rd box. Hence, fitness is served at your doorstep when you sign up for these best subscription boxes for men.

16. Try Treats – International Snack Subscription Box: Standard Box Subscription

Try Treats - International Snack Subscription Box

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Treats LLC offers you the best international snack subscription box.

The specialty of their packages is that they handpick each item, and every month you will get different snacks from different countries.

They ensure that each month you get to experience a new flavor that you never assumed existed. And they are very cautious about their supplies.

Hence, there’s no chance that you will receive something inedible.

What You Get

Here, you may receive snacks from India, Israel, Taiwan, Greek, etc. In each box, you will get 5+ food items.

They assort the box with chips, crackers, munchies, biscuits, chocolates, cakes, crisps, etc., and if you want more items, then you can check the premium box that comes with 10+ snacks.

According to your daily craving and budget, you can choose any of these subscription plans. This box is a steal for the money because when you intend to buy a large pack of Lays or Doritos separately, it costs a lot.

But when you have these packages every month, you can get more items at the same price technically.

So, you are saving a lot of money as well as treating your family with quality food supplements.

17. Cairn – Outdoor Subscription Box

Cairn - Outdoor Subscription Box

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Good news to all the outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for exciting male subscription boxes.

Cairn presents a box full of outdoor items that keeps you onboard whenever you are planning for a tour.

Luckily, all the Cairn customers who subscribed to these monthly packages are the first ones who receive it amongst the whole world.

Since 2014, Cairn has successfully rendered over 2 million outdoor products. And, undoubtedly, they honor their claims in providing the finest products at your doorstep.

What You Get

This package is adorned with healthy snacks, hydro flask, Hydrapak Bottle Bright tablets (works like a wipe that removes stains), trekking gears, apparel, energy drinks, etc. In each of their collection, you get something new and creative.

Thus, every month when you receive the package, you feel like receiving a Christmas gift to yourself. Furthermore, once you start picking the supplies, you become more confident and determined to see the outside world.

18. Fit Snack – Healthy Snack Subscription Box

Fit Snack - Healthy Snack Subscription Box

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Possibly, Fit Snack distributes one of the best food and drink subscription boxes. These healthy snack packages are utterly nutritious and help to build up immunity as well as maintain a healthy bowel movement.

All of the items are enriched with protein, minerals, fat, and other nutrients. It’s like an ultimate solution for your monthly snack plan.

What You Get

They call it healthy snacking, as most of the snacks you eat are harmful to your body. Also, the amount of calories and harmful preservatives deteriorates your health. But when you have access to these boxes, you enroll yourself in a healthy diet.

All the snacks are impressively delectable and ideally infused with the right amount of fat.

You will get protein bars, popcorn, chips, beef and pork minis, cashew, butter, protein crisps, electrolyte drinks, sweet potato puffs, and other tasty snacks like that.

Fact is, we can’t exactly tell you what you will receive each month, but certainly, there will be a new snack every time.

Also, we would like to add that some people are allergic to distinct foods and some of you are vegans. Hence, check all the subscription plans on their main website and cancel the subscription if things go wrong.

19. Gentleman’s Box – Men’s Fashion and Lifestyle Accessories Subscription Box

Gentleman's Box - Men's Fashion and Lifestyle Accessories Subscription Box

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Honestly, these subscription packages aren’t assorted with a bundle of different products, but perhaps they deliver the best socks and accessories subscription boxes for men.

We mean, if you want a minimal box with some quality socks, ties, and watches, then this is the one.

What You Get

Here, you will receive 4 to 6 grooming essentials, including premium ties, a sleek watch, and comfortable socks.

All of them are crafted for special occasions like weddings, receptions, bachelorette, gala days, etc.

The moment you embellish yourself with these items, you immediately feel a tickle of confidence and positivity.

Anyone who has insecurities about picking up a suitable fit can subscribe to this package because this box is curated by the professional fashion gurus.

20. Shaving Kit for Men by Bevel

Shaving Kit for Men by Bevel

Check Latest Price on Amazon

There’s no denial in the fact that a shaving kit is a men’s best friend. But many teenage guys can’t speak about their bodily changes, and thus they are still unaware of the proper process to take care of their skin and beard. No worries! We got you!

This shaving kit is assorted with everything you will ever need. Remember the times when you mistakenly cut yourself while shaving and had razor bumps? Well, it’s time to say goodbye to those unpleasant events. Let’s see what you will get in this package.

What You Get

First of all, let us tell you that these are the best men’s hair and beard subscription boxes you will ever come across.

From a single razor to priming oils and shaving cream, you have everything covered.

Besides, the shaving brush helps to exfoliate your skin gently while removing the ingrown hair. Also, you get an alcohol-free aftershave lotion then moisturizes your skin and prevents stingy hair.

In our perspective, this is the best subscription box for men when it comes to gifting them something useful and perfect.

Consideration Before Buying Subscription Box

Before signing up for a monthly subscription package, you need to take a few things into account.

We have scrutinized a lot of e-commerce and independent niches to collect enough data about this topic.

But most of them are telling people how you can run your own subscription business instead of what you should consider before buying.

Hence, we tried to use our conscience and took the suggestion from some respected customers to deduce this factor.

Let’s check them out.

Subscription Plan

The first thing you want to evaluate is the subscription plan.

That also translates to the various options while choosing your monthly subscription schemes.

For instance, you might see options like premium, advanced, basic, quarterly, monthly, pro, etc. This section can also include different genres. For example, if the box is solely made of food items, then it will be named relevantly.

And the reason why you should check the options is that you should know what they are serving and what you are going to receive.

Hence, while you want crates for men, you should always assess the options, including their quantity.

Lastly, don’t forget to check their past items to attain a precise view of what kind of products they have been trading.

In our review, we have mentioned their past offerings so that you can assume the quality and quantity both.


Secondly, you have to see whether they deliver their monthly subscription boxes every month or they send it thrice in a year. Some brands pledge to provide their goods every month where some peddle them 4 or 5 times in a whole year.

Now, all of the options are fine until you are okay with them. Depending on your necessity, you should conclude.


See the price value to ensure having a cost-effective deal.

If their products don’t worth your money and you feel like they are selling things at higher prices than normalcy, then you should avoid them.


Ask yourself what your necessities are and, while shopping, which things feel like trouble to purchase or choose.

Like some people have public anxiety, and they ignore direct conversation or shopping outdoor. If that’s your case, then you should make a list of things that you want to buy but can’t due to mental conflicts.

Then, when you finally resolve what you need and you have the budget, sign up for the subscription. Lastly, make sure it has a cancellation option so that you can put a stop to it anytime when you no longer need them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions.

  1. Which are the best subscription boxes for men?

As every box is different and works for individual purposes, it’s hard to answer this. But in general, there are few basic survival supplies that everyone needs and must try.

So, we think grooming accessories, regular shirts, fitness, and outdoor items, tech gears, and snacks are the things that play an important role in a men’s life.

Thus, you should check out our reviewed products from different categories to understand those accurately.

  1. Can I send a subscription box as a gift?

Definitely. While checking out, drop the billing info with the shipping address, and you are good to go. Or you can simply choose the option “ship to a different address,” where you can write the recipient’s name and address. And none of the brands attach the bill with it if it’s meant to be a gift. So, don’t worry.

  1. What if I want to get the same box every time?

Yes, you can do that if they don’t run out of stock.

  1. When should I pay my bill?

The first payment will be made while ordering for the first time and before delivering. And after that, on the 16th of each month, you have to pay the bill for the upcoming product.

And if it’s a three-month plan, then you have to pay the bill for the first 3 months at once, then again on the 16th of the month for the next 3 months. If you have ordered on Jan1st, then the next time you will pay will be April 16th.

  1. Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can. There should be an option.

Final Words

Thanks for sticking to the end of this article.

About the subscription boxes, we would say that all of them can work for you in one way or another. And it’s also possible that none of them are useful for you.

For instance, snack items and beauty products are one of the most sensitive things – your skin type and taste bud aren’t necessarily similar to others.

Hence, one thing can work for others but not for you—vice versa.

Then how to determine the best subscription box for men?

In this list, here are products like the BREO BOX, GQ, Men’s Basic, Treats LLC, Gentleman’s Box, SprezzaBox, etc. which you must need for regular life. Any of them can be the ideal one for you for a distinct reason.

While on the other hand there are products like the Parabox Monthly, PEOPLE SOCKS Men’s Women’s Merino Wool Crew Socks, and the DC Comics or Funko Subscription Box, which are not something crucial if you think practically.

Best Selling Subscription Box for Men

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